Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wilber Newborn Sneak Peeks

The ultimate goal for a newborn photographer is to achieve sleepiness (in the baby, that is) so you can photograph them doing what they do best and is the best way to get those cuddly sweet posed newborn portraits.  This is best done between the ages of birth to 2 weeks of age.  But, each baby is different so you really don't know what you will encounter when you go through your session.  With all the newborns I've photographed, I've had very sleepy babies as well as babies that just did not want their picture taken!  lol  So when this happens, you take to plan B and figure out what type of portraits would be best with the newborn.  When I'm transitioning a newborn into a different pose or prop and they either fully awaken into calm alertness or into full crying mode, I will generally turn my focus to the parent/baby interaction portraits.  I find this works great, because then the baby will more than likely calm down and either fall back asleep or engage in sweet interaction with the parent as well as the camera.

Baby E woke up mid session and was as calm and content as can be!  She was a very sweet little girl with some of the greatest expressions.  Her eyes are just amazing!  I think this series of portraits featured in this post capture that interaction nicely.



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So cute Dorinda! I love these pictures; your pics just keep better and better :) *hugs*