Sunday, May 15, 2011

Product Spotlight: Ties for Little Guys

I mentioned before that I plan to spotlight various products (print-related) that I offer as well as props for newborns.  I recently won a contest on Facebook where I won some ties made by Kiwi and Kiki   They sell the cutest little ties & bowties, which are great for photography and in my case, newborn photography.  Their ties/bowties are hugely popular and I can certainly understand why.  Newborn girls have headbands which are specifically for that gender and boys now have ties!  They are just the right size for their little bodies and come in so many different colors and patterns.  I look forward to using these props in some upcoming sessions!  Thank you Kiwi & Kiki for introducing me to this fabulous new prop!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Ala Carte Now Available!

I'm excited to announce the addition of ala carte prices to my price listing! I have prices listed both with and without package purchase. Minimum order: $50 in product plus $50 session fee. Packages will be listed on my website and FB, but please make request for ala carte prices. I will be doing Product Features periodically in my blog, describing the many products I provide with pictures. Prints, gallery wraps, albums, announcements, you name it!

Friday, May 6, 2011

New Adventures in Cheesecloth

I've recently purchased 6 hand-dyed cheesecloths  from one of my newest vendors, Tiny Tops.  Cheesecloth is a very soft, fine thread cloth that you would use to wrap a newborn for portraits.  It can be used in several different ways not just with newborns, but also in maternity photography as well.  With longer pieces, you can create a custom newborn hammock.  The wonderful thing about cheesecloth is that it gives you a great splash of color to the image, which is something I'm really focusing on in my newborn photography.  It's also pretty affordable, so I plan to purchase many more colors in the future!  Some future colors I'd love to purchase would include eggplant, teal, turquoise, peach, and magenta, though my wishlist extends well beyond this!  I will be using these cloths in some upcoming newborn sessions and look forward to exploring my possibilities with it!

The colors listed from top to bottom:

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wilber Newborn Sneak Peeks

The ultimate goal for a newborn photographer is to achieve sleepiness (in the baby, that is) so you can photograph them doing what they do best and is the best way to get those cuddly sweet posed newborn portraits.  This is best done between the ages of birth to 2 weeks of age.  But, each baby is different so you really don't know what you will encounter when you go through your session.  With all the newborns I've photographed, I've had very sleepy babies as well as babies that just did not want their picture taken!  lol  So when this happens, you take to plan B and figure out what type of portraits would be best with the newborn.  When I'm transitioning a newborn into a different pose or prop and they either fully awaken into calm alertness or into full crying mode, I will generally turn my focus to the parent/baby interaction portraits.  I find this works great, because then the baby will more than likely calm down and either fall back asleep or engage in sweet interaction with the parent as well as the camera.

Baby E woke up mid session and was as calm and content as can be!  She was a very sweet little girl with some of the greatest expressions.  Her eyes are just amazing!  I think this series of portraits featured in this post capture that interaction nicely.


Monday, May 2, 2011

Brooks Newborn Session Sneak Peek

I had a great time photographing 3 newborns over a span of 48 hours.  This little guy was the first of the three.  I've been really trying to accomplish new poses and techniques.  He was the first newborn that I was able to successfully pose in a head up position, which is very exciting!