Saturday, March 26, 2011

My NEW Look!

I've discovered my new and improved logo! As I gradually move my business towards the following genres: maternity, newborn, babies, and children, I felt that I needed to have my brand reflect the sweetness, bright, happy faces I photograph! I would like to thank my friend Tiffany Kelly for coming up with the sweet slogan! (Capturing the cuties that capture your heart)  Throughout the weekend, I will continue to transform my website and blog to match my new look. I'm very excited to see how things grow over the rest of my first year and I thank all my wonderful friends, family, and clients for your support!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Springtime Newborn Critter Portraits

As spring approaches and the little nature critters begin to appear, so does the opportunity for wonderful springtime portraits! I (and my photography prop vendor - Calleigh's Clips) are currently in the process of introducing a line of crochet newborn photography props that will transform your sleeping little newborn into a cuddly, precious woodland critter! Bunnies, ladybugs, bumblebees, hedgehogs, skunks, turtles, snails, butterflies, oh my! The list goes on and will grow as I add to my collection. In the near future, I will be offering a special that will last between April-late June so please keep an eye out for that and if you know anyone that is due in that timeframe, please send them my way! I would love to broaden my newborn portfolio as I plan to narrow my specialization into that genre in the near future. Thank you!

**Please check out Calleigh's Clips: 
    for all your crochet newborn/photography props

Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Inspiration

All photographers have someone that inspired them into photography.  In my case, it is Anne Geddes.  Long before I even had the desire to pursue photography I would gaze at her work in awe.  She pretty much pioneered the art of newborn photography.  The combination of her photography technique as well as her digital editing techniques transform the tiniest of newborns into peaceful, sweet slumbering babies, nestled in flowers, soft cloth, baskets, etc.  She also has a remarkable touch with her maternity photography.  Pregnancy and the newborn stage of infancy is such a beautiful, precious time.  It is also a very unique style of photography.  I love how the sessions are so laid back and it helps me concentrate on getting the best images I possibly can.  I constantly research different styles and ideas to use in my work using not only Anne but other newborn photographers as well.

To experience Anne Geddes' work in it's finest, please visit: