Saturday, July 23, 2011

Product & Vendor Spotlight: Calleigh's Clips

A few months ago, Elisabeth from Calleigh's Clips and I ran through some ideas for a newborn prop that would utilize tummy sleeping poses for newborns.  That's when Cuddle Critter Capes was born!  These crocheted products are a variety of animals, super heroes, items, etc. made as a hat with a separate cape that lays across the baby's back while in the sleeping-on-belly position.  This product has become HUGELY popular for Calleigh's Clips.  She's come up with so many new and exciting designs to help add individuality/creativity to a photographer's newborn portrait session.  I currently own the ladybug, bumble bee, caterpillar, monkey, giraffe, sleeping owl, Mickey & Minnie mouse, skunk, rabbit, turtle, and beaver.  There are many others available in her collection such as butterfly, mouse, elephant, zebra, bear (koala, panda, and snuggle), Superman, Batman and Robin, candy corn, pig, cow, and many many more.

If you're an expecting parent-to-be and have a newborn session coming up with me, you can choose from any of these designs or any of my other crocheted products, also made by Calleigh's Clips.  If there's a particular animal/idea that I don't own but you'd like, you can request that before your scheduled session and I'll have it made.  I also have complimentary props such as a large mushroom, soft fur grass, baskets, etc. that look outstanding with these capes.  Below are a few examples of the product in action with some of my teeniest models!

I've been using her products for quite some time now and keep coming back because her quality is pretty remarkable, and she has very good Customer Service!

If you'd like to get some more prop ideas for an upcoming session, you can either inquire with me or visit Calleigh's Clips at:

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rubeo Family/Senior Session

I've been photographing so many newborns lately (it's my passion, of course!) but have recently received a request for senior and family portraits.  I photographed her friend's son's senior portraits while I was in school, so it's always wonderful to receive referrals.  I consider that to be such a huge compliment and really appreciate it.

The seniors are twins.  I think the overall posing for this session was pretty traditional, but the location happens to be one of my favorites - Sharon Woods Park in Cincinnati.  There is a lot of variety there, not to mention a huge waterfall, which I've used on quite a few occasions. 

Here are a few of my favorites: