Sunday, May 15, 2011

Product Spotlight: Ties for Little Guys

I mentioned before that I plan to spotlight various products (print-related) that I offer as well as props for newborns.  I recently won a contest on Facebook where I won some ties made by Kiwi and Kiki   They sell the cutest little ties & bowties, which are great for photography and in my case, newborn photography.  Their ties/bowties are hugely popular and I can certainly understand why.  Newborn girls have headbands which are specifically for that gender and boys now have ties!  They are just the right size for their little bodies and come in so many different colors and patterns.  I look forward to using these props in some upcoming sessions!  Thank you Kiwi & Kiki for introducing me to this fabulous new prop!

1 comment:

Elisabeth S. said...

sooo cute! I've been thinking of creating some crochet versions. It's on my want to do list :)