Sunday, January 16, 2011

A quote to live by...

Hello everyone,

I mentioned previously that I would be doing a weekly Quote of the Week, done every Sunday.  I found that for one, my life has been quite hectic and also I realized that I didn't want to just go searching for just any quote.  I want that quote to find me.  I want it to occur every now and then and be something that really strikes me.  So, I've decided to only post when a quote finds me and makes me think.  My previous quotes all mean a great deal, I just feel the process of searching for a quote takes the specialness away from it.  With that said, here is a quote that recently touched my heart, in more ways than one:
"There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world."

This is a quote that has simply come to me by an experience I just had last night - my very first NILMDTS session.  I was getting ready for bed and received the text, an 18 wk old angel.  I accepted the assignment but was very nervous because one, it was my first assignment and experience dealing with this type of issue, and two, because I was hoping to shadow another experienced volunteer photographer.  But, I knew that this family needed me and was counting on our organization to help them heal.  So, I put my own needs behind and gladly accepted the assignment.  My life and career forever changed when I walked into that room.  With all the college education and experience in the world, you will never be prepared for a situation such as this.  These people were complete strangers to me.  That part isn't unusual as the majority of my photography clients are strangers as well.  But, I had the delicate task of being in the presence of their emotions.  Everyone's (the parents) experience with the death of a child is different and you never know how they will handle what's going on.  My one job was to use my talent and make sure I make them the most special gift that they can forever keep of their angel, as this angel in it's Earthly form won't be with them for very long.  So I ask, how do I, as a photographer, make that happen?  With softness of blur, with simpleness of black & white as well as sepia.  With reminders of just how tiny she was, by placing a wedding ring by her tiny little feet.  By her mom holding her in her arms and just being there, loving her yet hurting at the same time.  I don't want the parents to be reminded of the sadness of this event, so I try to make sure that the harsher parts of the photograph are subdued, such as tubes, and machines, and in some cases, color.  I want them to remember their beautiful little angel for the precious person she is and always will be.  And I can only hope that this helps them towards their process of healing.  This little angel, with the tiniest of feet as small as the ring her mother wears, indeed made an imprint on this world.  She made an incredible imprint on my own heart and I'll never forget her. 

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